A picture of Pinaj

Hi, I am Pinaj.

Since my childhood, I have always enjoyed being creative, whether crafting decor for a theme party at school or decorating our new home. I would always be passionately involved in the planning, exploration of ideas, and execution. When I was studying Computer Engineering, I always took the lead in the design work for group projects.

For my first internship, I was allowed to design a popular local tech convention website. It was a thrilling experience for me, and I decided to study Human-Computer Interaction. I learned in detail about creating user experiences based on research, design principles, human behaviors, and empathy.

I currently work at VMware as a Product Designer collaborating with talented designers, developers, and engineers. Since my first job, I have gained experience in all phases of product design and have designed and shipped multiple projects with excellent market value. While I am growing in my career, I strive to design more ethically and contribute to bringing a positive change to the world.

When I am not working, I am traveling and explore new places. I love crafting little pieces of art and decorating my personal space. I also try my hand at cooking delicious recipes and hosting small parties for my friends. I am a spiritual being and fond of yoga and meditation. If you're interested in hearing stories about my adventures, we can talk over a cup of chai! ☕


One of my hobbies is photographing beautiful places and experiences. Here you can find photos from my travel journeys, art and craft projects, and cooking experiments :)